How to Scan 35 mm slides

  Guady 16:53 03 Jan 08

I am wanting to scan some 35mm slides (both cardboard and plastic mounts. Having tried on my old "free" scanner with no success - terrible quality, impossible to see what the photo is of! I'm now looking at the Canon CS4400F and the Epson Perfection V100 - both of which indicate that they have a device that holds 4 or so slides so you can scan them all at once. If you have any info / experience of these scanners, I'd be glad to hear about it. My only other alternative will be to send the slides to a processing service but as I have hundreds and would like to save them all, this is not really very practical!

  ICF 18:49 03 Jan 08

I have the epson 3170 which scans 4 slides at once and the results a remarkable.This is an out dated model now but the result you get from one of your choices should be equally good.A slide scanner has a light in the lid so that's why you got poor results from your scanner.

  Demora 15:09 04 Jan 08

Some scanners also have a special mirror in the lid to reflect the light through the slide/negatives.

You could try this starting with foil. Worth a go, but be careful not to scratch the glass.


  Guady 17:31 04 Jan 08

Have bought the Epson V100 Photo today and done the first few slides. I'm absolutely delighted with the results - far better than expected. Thanks for your replies.

  jack 17:34 04 Jan 08

The latest models with light in the lid and the ability to scan several slides at once are quite good for your average user.
There are dedicated film/slide scanners at high cost- but only practicable if you are looking for pster size prints - which I am sure you are not.

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