How to revive an 8 gig usb flash stick?!

  theDarkness 23:31 07 Jun 08

I put my usb flash memory stick into my pc today- when inserting, its red light did not come on, and the stick as a drive did not show up in windows. I tried this in both xp and vista. The stick could well be dead, but i am wondering if there is a way to still read data off a stick that does not seem to be accessible? The stick was last used to port large vob files, which despite the stick being of the right file type to be able to take such large files, did not work. Perhaps that was mayb what killed the stick, but i cant be sure..! thanks for any info

  wiz-king 14:02 08 Jun 08

Quite possibly of the pins has come unsoldered or broken away from the internal circuit board. If all else fails prise the case apart and check the internal connections, re-solder carefully if broken. I have has to do this with a couple of memory sticks, and they have become usable again.

  Pamy 15:40 10 Jun 08

I would think that 8 gig was fairly new, so why not go back to the supplier? Yes I know it will not get back any data, but you may get a replacement stick.

  theDarkness 19:25 12 Jun 08

thanks, i think i got it from an independant amazon or ebay store so will try and contact them if they are still around, failing that will try and open it to see if something can be done! Cant remember the price but i do remember it was a very cheap stick for an 8 gig-not that that always means poor quality..

  tenplus1 14:47 14 Jun 08

I've had many an mp3 player and usb stick fail in Windows machines and thankfully when I plug them into a computer running linux (Ubuntu mainly) I can revive them or re-format them so it works again...

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