How many contacts can a sim card hold?

  setecio 15:58 PM 22 Jan 08

How many contacts (name & number only) can a sim card hold?

Does it vary from sim to sim ?

  pavvi 17:02 PM 22 Jan 08

usually 200 depending on the sim, some have more memory than others. some older ones were only able to save 50 and 8 text messages, so it all depends how old the sim card is and in some cases whether pay as you go or contract as I know that orange used to have different memories on payg to that on contract sims

  setecio 19:11 PM 22 Jan 08

Are there any good sim card readers that can backup to a PC .... I've searched but don't find many out there and some comments like 'doesn't work'.

  jfmfit2003 05:42 AM 11 Mar 08

I have an old Nokia 6510, and it has 500 (name and number only) spaces.

As far as I know a SIM can still hold 500 names even on new mobiles. There theres much more 'Danamic' memory in newer mobiles. I think they should make SIMS that can take names, address' and numbers. You would be able to transfer them easily, especially now you can get landlines which are SIM capable. It just simplifies things.


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