How do I block a phone number

  steve263000 25 Jan 13

I have a Nokia Lumina 820 with Virgin Mobile. No problem with the phone but someone keeps sending on stupid texts and calls. I know who it is but for reasons I do not wish to discuss here, i cannot just get over and 'sort him out'.

Virgin say they cannot block his number but have offered me a new number. Why should I change? All my family and work have my number. The phone itself as far as I can find out does hot have the facility to block numbers.

It there an app out there that can be installed to block a phone number from coming through? I would have thought there would be something, somewhere, but it would have to be for a windows type phone.

  nickf 26 Jan 13

As far as I am aware , there is no way to block a phone number . Your only recourse would be to report the matter to the police . Even if the caller is hiding there number , your service provider can get it , and pass it on to the police

  steve263000 27 Jan 13

I had a horrible feeling that would be the answer but I had hoped there was an app out there that could do it. Surely someone could make good money out of that. If it gets too bad I will go to the police, but at the moment I have just stopped taking any notice of the texts and it seems to have calmed down a bit

  Lazarus The 2nd 27 Jan 13

Scroll down to 2. Mobile phones of Nokia, Click here it mentions blacklist application, Try Google..


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