How do digital copies transfer from dvd movies?

  theDarkness 11 Jun 11

How do "digital copies" transfer from dvd movies or blu ray that have this option included on the same disc-do I need an iphone, or can I transfer to mobile? I have films that tell me in the intro that I can transfer to pc or iphone, but I have to watch the film, then follow the on screen instructions. So I have to watch it in dvd format initially, even if I wanted to watch it first via train travel? The intro tells me that its wmp compatible, and ive tried fast forwarding to the end of the movie so it will give me the supposed digital movie transfer menu, but it nothing happens-am I missing something? PS the movies are seemingly only 3.5 gig on the dvd in a test, so it would seem that picture quality (on standard dvds at least) may now be lost for films that will include an extra digital copy on the very same disc, but thats another matter-time to switch to blu ray (once they sell them at a reasonable price)! ;) thanks for any info

  theDarkness 12 Jun 11

Since wmp does not ask me if I want to transfer the digital copy to iphone or mobile etc, I can only assume that I need itunes to do so. It seems that these "digital copies" are limited rubbish anyway acccording to this site:- digital copy is no feature Id have to convert myself to watch on the player I wish :( I bought it, so if youre going to include a mini travel version (the so called digital copy) Id like to at least be able to choose where and when to watch it


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