How to connect SE T630 to PC

  jason.p 11:26 30 Aug 08

Hi, Can anyone explain how I can connect my Sony Ericsson T630 to my PC so that I can download pictures from it. I've installed the DCU 11 usb cable and drivers, but the device does not show up in "my computer". Do I need to activate the phone in some way to enable it?
Thanks in advance.

  FatboySlim71 11:55 01 Sep 08

The best program I can say for Sony Ericsson phones is My Phone Explorer, this will allow you to do what you are wanting and more as well. I have used it for a number of years and I find it an excellent program.

I always connect my K850i up to it by bluetooth, however I would expect you can use the USB cable.

There is also a forum for the My Explorer program as well:

click here

Here is the link to download it:
click here

  jason.p 18:26 01 Sep 08

Thanks for reply. I've given up trying to get the USB cable working, and have decided like you to use bluetooth (I've just ordered a dongle. Hope it works!!)
I've downloaded the "My Explorer" programme, and registered with the forum. Many thanks for your help.

  FatboySlim71 20:17 01 Sep 08

No problem jason.p glad I could help.

Keep me updated with the outcome when the bluetooth dongle arrives and the My Explorer program.

The bluetooth dongle I have is a Belkin with a 100m range if I'm not mistaken. Just make sure to install the software with the dongle (if it comes with any) before plugging it in to the computer. :-)

  jason.p 21:50 01 Sep 08

Will do. Thanks again.

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