How to connect to internet via laptop

  suedeblue 10 Sep 09

I am looking for some advice as i've just ordered a dell laptop with wireless internet connection.
I'm going on holiday and want to know how i can access the internet wirelessly while i'm away.
I am connected to bt broaband at home.
Any help would be appreciated.

  Tim1964 12 Sep 09

You can use the WiFi hotspots in McD's, many pubs/restaurants, motorway services or coffee shops for e.g.

As this is in the 'mobile world' forum, do you intend to use your phone as a modem? If so, what model phone do you have?

I have used a HTC Tytn 2 windows based phone to access the net via 3G and got a respectable 1Mb connection. In this case I just connect the phone's mini USB to the laptops's USB and set the connection to 'USB' on the network page of the phone.

  dms_05 12 Sep 09

You can buy fairly cheap Mobile Broadband dongles from all the major mobile phone operators. If you chose Pay as You Go then you can buy top-ups when you plan to be away. You can then use you laptops USB to connect anywhere you can receive a mobile phone 3G signal. I've an unlocked dongle that I can use on any network and my experience is O2 and Vodafone offer the best coverage with '3' the worse as they have a deal with Orange that switches to 2G when you are out of '3' range.

My local supermarket (ASDA) is offering a £25 deal for a Vodafone dongle that includes 1 GB of data and the PAYG isn't time limited (ie 28 days) unlike everyone elses. For very occasional users this seems a very good deal.

  golfpro 18 Sep 09

You don't say where you are going on holiday, abroad or at home in the UK. If abroad will you be staying in one country or traveling around. If you are going from one country to another, a pay as you go dongle won't be much use as it can only be used in the country of purchase, but if you are staying put then it's the best bet.
In the UK and abroad many B and Bs and hotels have free Internet access, make enquires when you book, or ask when you get there, they will give you the pass word, just enter that in when asked by your computers network connection and your away.

  golfpro 18 Sep 09

Remember an internet conection from a hotel can only be used within range of their router (in your room or in the bar etc).


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