How can you improve digital television signal?

  sure.t 14:24 08 Jul 09

I have a LG television with a built in digital adapter/box (what ever you call them) and it tends to have worse signal than the television downstairs which is running on a seperate box.

I cant rroute a new cable as it is set undder the floors boards of a newly decorated room so could you give me some other ideas please?

  oldbeefer2 15:51 08 Jul 09

Does it run off the same aerial as the other one? Two aerials means half the signal to each TV. Some are more sensitive to weak signals than others. I have 3 TVs running off one aerial and use a masthead signal booster to improve the signal. Also is the aerial a good quality external one?

  sure.t 09:23 09 Jul 09

it doesnt run off the same aerial as the other one. There is a aerial box in my loft which all the seperate tv aerials go into the that box it conacted to the external areial

  oldbeefer2 10:07 09 Jul 09

If that'box' is just a junction box, that could be your problem. If it has a power lead going into it, then it's probably a booster. In that case, it may be not up to the job (depending on its power and how many TVs it's serving) or it may be as simple as a poor connection somewhere.

  Stuartli 16:12 09 Jul 09

This link may be of interest:

click here

I know that sometimes, especially approaching midnight, we get spells on some channels such as Sky News of losing the Winter Hill signal for a few seconds every minute or so.

Very irritating, but we are due to start the switchover in November (BBC2) and the Full Monty in December.

  peter99co 17:05 09 Jul 09

Until switchover a lot of areas only receive a weaker digital signal. Is the analog signal good?

If the analog is also weak it may be the aerial is not up to scratch.

Check the outer copper sheath is not touching the inner core inside the connector.

  jack 20:07 09 Jul 09

because of its relatively low power whilst analogue is on.
I have a situation where stations in a certain group have been 'in tune' then go to 'not found' in an instant- If I can i will switch the the analogue version- channel five lets say or Dave or Sky 3
[ these seem to be the main ones] where there is not analogue equivalent a moe times simply unplugging the adjacent aerial lead and firmly pushing it back in will get it all back.
But not always - Sky 3 seems to have completely disappeared, and simply does not get picked up in a total re tune.

  john bunyan 22:43 09 Jul 09

Also, check each connector and join. I recently found a join had failed and all I was using was the aerial cable from the set to halfway up to the arial.I assume you have a good aerial?

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