How can I stop wasting my leftover colored inks?

  ethrestroh 12:49 18 Aug 09

Apart from three chambers one is run out before the others so how can I stop wasting the other Inks?

  Pamy 13:25 18 Aug 09

Hi, refill the one that runs out

  jack 17:40 18 Aug 09

JR is one
Many other or simply by third party cartridges, they are cheap enough.for example

  ethrestroh 06:27 19 Aug 09

can I refill the empty one one of my friend said That I have to replace the entire ink cartridge.

  Pamy 11:47 20 Aug 09

you will have to tell us what make and model printer you have

  RickySmith 11:29 06 Oct 09

Set your print preferences to black and white or grayscale only.

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