how can I remove books from Kindle?

  Yimbo 10:43 03 Jul 12

I have the Kindle keyboard model, and over time have downloaded a number of books which I have no wish to re-read or even keep! There is an option to "Remove from device" - which doesn't - but only puts the books into the "Archive" section. How can I get these unwanted books off my Kindle completely and for good?

  cycoze 12:17 03 Jul 12

To delete books from your account (permanent delete) - 1) Go to any Kindle Store page at Amazon. 2) Choose Manage My Kindle from the links at the top - right below the search bar. 3) Log-in to access that page. 4) On that page scroll down to a list of purchased books at the bottom. 5) Find the book you want and press the + icon next to it. A number of options show up including a delete button. 6) Press delete if you are sure you want to PERMANENTLY delete this book and NEVER read it again.

  Yimbo 14:09 03 Jul 12

Thanks cycoze! Now done the job! I appreciate your help!

  muddypaws 20:26 08 Jul 12


I was about to go to the manual to see how to delete, because no apparent option on the Kindle and saw your thread.

So if I may ask cycoze a question:

Surely deleting from your account doesn't remove the book from the Kindle itself or does it if the Kindle is connected?

  muddypaws 20:32 08 Jul 12

Think I have found the my answer from the manual, but not tried it yet.

"If you are not already on the Home screen, press the Home button. 2. In the list of the content already on your device, move the 5-way to underline the item you want to remove. 3. Move the 5-way to the left to remove the item."

Apologies for hijack Yimbo

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