How can I record digital TV

  yorky925 17:14 22 Oct 07

I have a Panasonic TX-32LXD52 Plus a Pioneer DVR 420H the TV as integrated freeview but the DVR will not record digital programs. Is there a way of overcoming this problem without having to buy a digital recorder?

  Pamy 17:55 22 Oct 07

You usually have to change the recorder to AV1 or 2 or 3 or some other channel and then you can only record the channel you are watching

  jack 20:26 22 Oct 07

Although you have an intergrated Digi tuner the program as displayed is Analogue
Simply set the digital program
Then when you set up the recorder select L1
So you run through BBC 1 BBC2 ITV CH4 CH5 then L1
[Line 1] this sets the device to accept a signal from an out side source in this case the digital TV.

  jack 08:38 23 Oct 07

Further thoughts on your integrated Analogue/digital TV
you will have to investigate how your TV is set up.
For example when you watch TV is it an either or situation?
What I am getting at is that although I have described how your recorder can access the the TV[perhaps] it means that from what you have told us
you will need to get a separate digital box for recording.
A Close read of the TV manual should tell you more or invistigate the WEb site.

  drybones 11:56 28 Oct 07

As Pamy says use AV1 or 2 or you could purchase a freeveiw box and record from that while watching another channel with the TV tuner, these boxes can be found for a reasonable price £20-60,or you could buy a DVD/Freeveiw recorder,as you have a good dvd recorder now I would say the stand alone box is your cheapest option hope this is of some use to you.

  yorky925 13:06 28 Oct 07

Thank you all for your help problem is now solved

  Stuartli 23:34 28 Oct 07

>>Although you have an intergrated Digi tuner the program as displayed is Analogue>>

There is normally an analogue and a digital tuner and their respective channels.

This allows you to replay VCR recordings or view the analogue Teletext/Ceefax services via the analogue tuner.

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