How can I backup K800i phone contacts to a pc?

  theDarkness 23:12 11 Dec 07

How can i backup all contacts from my k800i mobile to a pc? No memory card yet and seems to only let me email a contact one by one as an alternative,which is useless. Too many to write down individually, and when connected to a pc my phone does not display them either! Only just found out that this phone is a bit buggy suffering from the white screen of death.. Want to backup before it happens to mine! Thanks for any info

  MCE2K5 23:52 11 Dec 07

Try this interactive Video, click here

  pavvi 23:53 11 Dec 07

do you have the disc that came with the phone? There is a utility on there that allows you to back up your phonebook on to your pc....It's called sync

  pavvi 23:59 11 Dec 07

It might be down to a software problem, if you have tried this already. Get hold of a simcard copier and copy your numbers to the sim. If you have too many to fit on your sim you might have to do it in stages. Back up the sim and then you need to see about getting the software upgrade. If you have had the phone for less than 2 years (which I would say you would have as the k800 was released in July 2006)then this will be free of charge. Back up as much as you can as you will lose everything that is notstandard....ringtones, pictures etc. I think a memory card would be a sound investment 256mb should be sufficient for most purposes, and you should get one for less than £20....It's a memorystick duo can get the official Sony ones or the San disk ones not much between them....although usually there is a price difference....

Hope this helps

  pavvi 00:01 12 Dec 07

Don't let shops fob you off by saying 12 months warranty as a lot of manufacturers have increased their warranty period: Sony Ericsson and Nokia have had 2 year warranties for a little while now.

  MCE2K5 01:07 12 Dec 07

Hi pavvi.

  v1asco 08:13 12 Dec 07

click here then go to downloads.

This is far better than Sonys software and works for both 800 & 850 models.

Good with bluetooth as well.

Have you tried using the 800 as a remote mouse yet? Very useful.

Good luck.

  Al94 11:31 12 Dec 07

How do you do that?

  v1asco 15:53 12 Dec 07

Have bluetooth turned on both machines, make sure you select keyboard/mouse in your PC bluettoth options set up.

scroll down to remote control,select.

You then have 3 options

Presenter (think for powerpoint arrow)



Select desktop.

It works well on my Viai but not triied it on any other brand. Useful watching movies etc.

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