Hotmail on N96

  LeedsLass 25 Feb 09

I have an Nokia N96. Anyone know how I can set hotmail or Yahoo or Boltblue (any will do - or all 3 if it's capable) as the default email account(s) on the phone to save me going onto them via the web browser?

And if I do this will I get alerted (assuming my GPRS is "always on") whenever a new email pops into my inbox?

  P1d 26 Feb 09

Go into Messaging, choose options, Settings, E-Mail, Choose Mailboxes, choose options, New mailbox and enter the relevant settings.

The default mailbox settings are in Messaging, choose options, Settings, E-Mail, "Mailbox in use" is the default mailbox which can be amended as necessary.

I don't keep my GPRS always on but when I download emails it makes the sound that is set in the profile under "Email alert tone" so depending on the profile used, this is the sound it would make when you receive a new email.

Hope this helps.

  LeedsLass 28 Feb 09

Yeah I know how to enter the details but where do I get the details it requires, eg. POP thingy???

  P1d 28 Feb 09

Yahoo Incoming Mail Server (POP3): (port 110)

Yahoo Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) - (port 25)

BoltBlue Incoming Mail Server (POP3):
BoltBlue Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):

Not sure about Hotmail as they use http unless you pay for advanced I believe, I could be wrong as I don't use Hotmail.

Hope this helps.

  LeedsLass 01 Mar 09

Hey thanx for that - I'll give them a go. Ta


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