Help please for my Samsung Galaxy Y pro

  ChrissieFizz 27 Sep 12

I can't find out how to upload photos from my Galaxy Y Pro to my computer, I have plugged it in with the USB cable supplied with my phone. Please can someone help. Many thanks. Chrissie

  Woolwell 27 Sep 12

Have you installed Samsung Kies on your computer? If not download it from here and use it to transfer photos.

  ChrissieFizz 27 Sep 12

Thank you so much for that info, I have downloaded it and am just about to try the uploads, will be back to let you know how it goes. Chrissie

  ChrissieFizz 27 Sep 12

That was so helpful, many thanks. Wonder why they don't put anything in the Samsung manual telling you that. But it worked, thanks to you, Woolwell.

  Ericwatson 28 Sep 12

After you plug the phone into the pc, check the status bar of your phone. There should be a USB Connected link there to select which will give you the option to Mount the phone. Once you've done that your pc should see your phone ok. Don't forget to remove your phone from the pc using the tray icon before selecting Unmount from the phone. I hope it would help you. :)

  ChrissieFizz 28 Sep 12

Thank you too Eric, am going to copy and paste these helpful comments for the future! Have never had to do all this on my previous "non-smart" phones! Many thanks to you both, Chrissie

  Woolwell 28 Sep 12

The instructions are on pages 94 and 95 of the full manual.

Ericwatson's instructions are slightly incorrect. According to the manual you can connect as a mass storage device but this only accesses the memory card. After you connect the usb cable you have to Open the notifications panel and select USB connected → Connect storage to PC → OK.

  ChrissieFizz 28 Sep 12

Thank you Warmwell, will keep this info as well. Many thanks.

  parker32 04 Oct 12

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  Nontek 04 Oct 12

In Kies go to Tools>Preferences>General and tick the box to Auto-run when device is connected.

I have found this to be quite handy.


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