Help my micro sd card may really be dead?!

  AfricanEmpress 03:21 24 Feb 17

Hi all. Please could someone put me out of my misery. I have a 32 GB Micro SD card that was in my android phone which is fully loaded with precious memories and no matter what I try Windows Explorer and various free data recovery software are All no recognising it. I even bought a card reader thinking my built it one wasn't working but still no joy. Have I lost it all? Thanks for any assistance guys.

  mole44 05:30 24 Feb 17

First try this to recuva your pictures click here,then if that fails as a last resort use this to format your card click here may have better ideas than myself,i had a micro sd card on my 3D camera that i play with and the card was playing up a full format with program 2 sorted that out

  alanrwood 10:03 24 Feb 17

Yes but formatting the card will lose all the data on it unless I am missing something.

Also 2nd link is a 404 not found error.

  Archonar 11:07 24 Feb 17

Alan is correct formatting the card will wipe all the data. Would highly recommend against that.

I would recommend cleaning the contacts of the card with vinegar or a rubbing alcohol of some form to make sure its not just a dirty contact.

If that's not the case and nothing is detecting it then it may be a lost cause. Issues with sd cards usually stem from a faulty SPI (serial peripheral interface if you're interested in looking into it). This is essentially the connection between the device and the card and would probably require an experienced electrical engineer to fix if it can be fixed at all.

  mole44 16:36 26 Feb 17

try this alanwood no idea what happened click here

  mole44 16:37 26 Feb 17

That link works

  alanrwood 11:23 27 Feb 17

Hi Mole44 Thanks for the amended link.

My point to the OP was that formatting the card will lose all the data which is not what they wished to achieve.

Unfortunately the OP has not thought fit to respond to the suggestions yet so we are left in the dark as to what they have tried so far

  Burn-it 00:33 28 Feb 17

Testdisk works if you have an adapter and can use it in a PC

  Poeryy36 08:29 03 Mar 17

Hello, Have you plunged it into another computer with a card reader and check it with CHKDSK? As long as it is still recognizable on a computer, it is possible to take lost information back with free data recovery software, like

Recuva-100% free and able to scan a medical card with fast speed

iCare Data Recovery Free-100% freeware and able to scan and recover photos from SD or Micro SD card

PhotoRe- free, but, a little bit tricky for me to operate

PC Inspector Recovery- free

However, if this card is realty physically damaged and could not be detected on any computer, you may already lost it and go purchase a new one instead.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:45 03 Mar 17

Try CamPic Restore which is here

  alanrwood 18:41 03 Mar 17

I have given up on this thread as the OP does not seem to want to answer the questions we raise and has not posted since 27th Feb.

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