Help with ipod and deleting podcasts

  tardis100 26 Jan 11

I have recently acquired a 32Gb ipod touch and am trying to delete some Podcasts. I have searched all 288 pages of the online user guide and cannot find anything on deleting Podcasts. I’ve searched on the internet and followed some instructions - as in, I’ve deleted them in itunes but when I plug in and sync the ipod, new ones come in but the old, already deleted in itunes, are not removed from the ipod. When I can find the right screen (and that doesn’t come easily) I’ve wiped my finger from right to left and brought up the “red delete” and clicked on that and while they seem to delete at that point they are still there when I next switch the ipod on! I’ve also read that if I have the ipod plugged into the computer I can highlight the podcast on the ipod and press delete on the computer - that doesn’t work either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  mole44 28 Jan 11

In iTunes click on the podcast tab-ctrl a to highlight all your podcasts then right click and on the menue click on auto delete to switch it on.

  tardis100 28 Jan 11

Thanks Mole I have had a look at what you are saying but I already have the auto delete on. What I find strange is that I had about 20 Podcasts but I deleted 12 in itunes so only the 8 are showing now - BUT - when I sync the ipod those I deleted in itunes still show on the ipod. I thought after deletion and I again sync the ipod those I deleted would also be deleted from the ipod - but that is not so?!


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