Help with HDD/DVD dubbing to DVD disk please

  Audio~~Chip 02 Jun 13

I own a a Sony HD HDD/DVD Recorder standalone connected to my Sony Bravia TV.

What I need to do is burn a couple of my films and drama series to DVD Disk for later watching as I am running out of HDD space.

I understand that they call this Dubbing.

I tried this to a Verbatim DVD-R disk and I got the message unable to ... something relating to the DVD-R disk not being ready.

Do I have to do something to this disk before Dubbing to it. If you require the full message i will try again later and post back

Thanks for any forum group who can help.


  Lazarus The 2nd 03 Jun 13


Give me a hint as to which model Sony HD HDD/DVD Recorder you have.. so I can download the User Guide and have a read..


  Audio~~Chip 03 Jun 13

Hello Lazurus The 2nd !

Thanks for calling in!

My Sony DVD Recorder is a HXD995 Model. My User Manual supplied with it covers 8 of them in a range from the 790 - 1095 models.

Hope you can help me, as I need to get some DVDs burnt to free up some HDD space.

Cheers Steven

  Audio~~Chip 04 Jun 13

Hello all Just wondering if 'Lazarus The 2nd' is arround tonight ? to help Thanks

  Lazarus The 2nd 05 Jun 13

Hi Steven, Still here, Just a bit busy at home.

(1) Do I have to do something to this disk before Dubbing to it:

From what I have read, The DVD's (R - & +, RW - & +, Single and Dual Layer) need to be Formatted, although the User Guide says that DVD-Rs are Formatted automatically.

Have you got a DVD+RW or a DVD-R to practice with?.

(2) I tried this to a Verbatim DVD-R disk and I got the message unable to ... something relating to the DVD-R disk not being ready.:

any chance of getting the full message. (it could refer to the DVD not being Formatted).

What are the lengths and Recording Modes (if different), ie. EP, SP, LP , HQ.

Are they (the Recordings) a mixture of 4.3 and 16.9 screen format.

Can you try a different Brand of DVD, as i seem to remember somebody else having a problem with Verbatim DVDs, Like Tesco, Sony, Imation or Memorex (these are the Four Brands I mainly use with no problems..


  Audio~~Chip 05 Jun 13

Hello Lazarus The 2nd (David)

Sorry, didn't know you had replied, I didn't get a email stating there was a reply.

Thanks for calling back!

I have pleanty of DVD-R Verbatim 4.7Gb, 16x 120mins to practice with, but will buy some other brand reading what your saying about certain branded Disk's.

I will post back with the full error earning message Friday or Saturday. I will try and find out the Recording mode lengths There are some films i recorded that were letterboxed when they were on TV

Will post back with more info Friday or Sat

Thanks for calling back !

Cheers Steven

  Audio~~Chip 06 Jun 13

Morning David & The PCA Forum

I notice it states in the Manual on page 93 "You can Dub all of the Contents on a Finalised etc

It seems to refer to the different types of the DVD disks like -RW, -R etc but for DVD-R in brackets it states (video Mode)

Lower down in this paragraph it then stated HDD to DVD-R

I will go to the Tesco Extra today and pick up a selection of other branded DVD's like you mention and also a RW format.

Thank You again and speak later when you free

Cheers Steven

  Lazarus The 2nd 06 Jun 13

Hi Steven.

That section on page 93 is for

Making a Backup Disc (DVD Backup)

Is for Copying a DVD, 1st to the Hard Disc Drive (HDD), Then 2nd from HDD to a New Blank DVD.

The pages you require are, Page 89

Dubbing (HDD <--> DVD) Before Dubbing

then pages 90 - 92 HDD/DVD Dubbing & Dubbing Using Dubbing List.


  Audio~~Chip 06 Jun 13

Thanks David !

I got some Tesco DVD-RW Disks today but not tried them due to being busy with work all day.

So, I have been reading the wrong section missunderstanding what i need to do.

I will try this tomorrow evening and select HDD<-->DVD ! Will post later Friday evening to let you know what happens. If not sucessfull with Verbatim then I will open the Tesco Disks

How long does Dubbing of a say 1 1/2Hr programme take roughly. Does it have to Dub to the DVD from the HDD as the same speed like when watching it on TV ?

Thanks for the help and pointers and will post back Friday night

Cheers & Thank You


  Lazarus The 2nd 07 Jun 13

All Four (3 Panasonics & 1 Toshiba) of mine take about 20-24 Minutes for a full DVD (2 video Hours).

so that would be about 5 - 6 Minutes for 1x Half Hour programme.

  Audio~~Chip 08 Jun 13

Thanks David

Finally got Sunday free ! so plan on trying the above out.

i understand there is LP, SP modes am i right in saying when recording from TV to HDD in SP Mode the picture is compressed and not as good as when in LP. Which I think LP is also the default.

Will sit down and try dubbing HDD <> DVD then HDD-DVD -RW

Cheers Steven


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