HD-Ready TV - what else do I need please?

  AngeTheHippy 15 Jun 10

Evening Chaps,

My TV is a Samsung 37" HD-Ready with integrated Freeview. What do I need additionally to enable me to watch HD broadcasts please? If I bought a Freevied HD box, would that be enough?



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 Jun 10

Yes for the channels that are broadcast in HD on freeview

click here

A blueray DVD player will allow you to play and see HD movies on your TV

  AngeTheHippy 15 Jun 10

many thanks. Just checked (should have checked first!!) and we can't get Freeview HD in my area until 2011.... Oh well, when it's time to get one, I'll know what to do!!


  ICF 18 Jun 10

You could get Freesat.click here

  anchor 18 Jun 10

Two weeks ago I bought a new Panasonic plasma 42" TV, with inbuilt Freeview HD and Freestat HD tuners.

The picture quality is really outstanding on ordinary freeview. To be honest there is not an enormous difference when viewing the same transmission on Freeview HD. Yes, it is perceptible, but you have to look quite closely to notice it. I have not tried Freestat, so cannot comment about that, but I guess its similar to Freeview HD.

Perhaps the experience of others is different.

  ICF 18 Jun 10

The difference between SD freeview and HD freesat on my 37" Panasonic LCD is stunning


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