hd dvr to record sky freesat

  howard64 18:36 24 Dec 07

In the new year sales I intend buying a hard disk recorder. My present setup is a sky freesat box. Does anyone know of a unit that can record from this box? Most of the units nowadays seem to be freeview tuners can these be set to the sky box?

  MCE2K5 18:45 24 Dec 07

"can these be set to the sky box?": Yes, just plug and go.

  howard64 18:48 24 Dec 07

oh that simple then? if it has its own freeview tuner how do you get it to see the freesat?

  MCE2K5 21:38 24 Dec 07

It's Easy, Scart Cables.

"sky freesat box (OUT)" into "hard disk recorder (IN)" into "TV (IN)"

  MCE2K5 21:45 24 Dec 07

Diagrams Here, click here. Scroll down to GET SETUP GO!, Have a read through this, Just Substitute VCR for DVD/Hard Disk Recorder.

  MCE2K5 21:49 24 Dec 07

"freeview tuners" can recieve tv when it Rains Bad & Snows, satellites Don't Usually (Mine Don't, So Freeview lets you to continue to watch at least Something.

  howard64 10:52 25 Dec 07

thanks MCE2K5 very interesting - this should help to get me going when I find a box in my price range. Cheers - Merry Christmas

  ICF 07:25 26 Dec 07

Be careful what type of hard disk recorder you buy.
Some are called PVR's (Personal Video Recorder) these only record from there internal tuner or tuners.They are not able to record from an external source ie your sky box.

Panasonic make some excellent hard disk/DVD recorders but they are not cheap.
Having twin tuners is a good feature as it enables you to record one channel and watch another.

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