Hard Drive TV Recorder

  Crosstrainer2 25 Jun 11

Can anyone suggest a good quality hdd (hdmi) tv recorder? Needs to have optical out for sound, and a minimum of 500gb capacity.

I don't need it to have any tuning capabilities at all.... Does such a device exist?

  maggotdrowner 25 Jun 11

Why wouldn't you want it to have a tuner? There are plenty of HDD recorders with 500GB or 1TB drives with HDMI output and optical out as that's pretty much the standard spec. Plenty will record freeview HD too and normally they have twin tuners so you can record two programs at once and depending on which muxes those recordings are using you may be able to watch a third channel at the same time though most people would just use the TV tuner. Check out the usual sites like Comet and Currys and do some research on any models which look about right. I've got the Philips HDT8520 which has had a number of issues but with the latest firmware update is now reasonable and available relatively cheaply because of its past reputation. I think the general opinion amongst people who have tried various is the Humax brand - either Fox T2 for HD broadcasts or PVR9300T for SD only although I believe the HDD is only 320GB on that.

  Crosstrainer2 25 Jun 11

My setup doesn't need anymore tuners :)) I think the nearest I have found is an LG model, which will work nicely with my DTS system ( blu-ray) trouble is, if you don't connect an aerial, the system won't initialise.

My old PVR had an analogue tuner, but presided it to use scart and optical only. Talked to Comet, and they say no aerial, no setup.

Can't think of anywhere else to look!


  Crosstrainer2 27 Jun 11

Found one! Toshiba 500gb hdd with no burner (not required) and OPTIONAL hd freeview (will work as a recorder only)

Took a bit of looking though!

  bremner 27 Jun 11

Can you give a link as my son might want one

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

I will try if the link won't post as I am on my iPad at the moment it's from comet hd recorders the only non DVD one they do @ £199 link text

  Crosstrainer2 28 Jun 11

It worked!



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