Handsfree set for handicapped phone use.

  Richard-2350992 12:04 18 Jan 16

I'm looking to buy a hands-free set for someone has reduced manual dexterity, and cannot hold a telephone (but can press answer/hangup/speed-dial). I've tried a portable USB speaker, but these have auto-off, so are useless.

Would a handsfree set do the job? I'm looking for one that:

o - has a good microphone (sorry, I know nothing about hands-free sets).

o - Does NOT switch itself off after a period of inactivity.

o - Can be left plugged in all the time.

o - Won't lose contact with the phone.

o - Has very simple controls (on/off/volume?) and decent-sized buttons.

o - The device would be used in right next to the phone.

o - Calls can preferably though not necessarily be answered by using the phone buttons.

Any ideas?

  hastelloy 14:33 19 Jan 16

I'm not an expert but I think pretty much any headset will do. The real question, I think, is - will it plug into the existing telephone?

  Richard-2350992 08:44 20 Jan 16

I was thinking Bluetooth rather than wired, but I'm not at all sure a headset would do - she struggles to put her glasses on, so a headset would be tricky!!

  hastelloy 09:27 20 Jan 16

Whatever she uses, even Bluetooth, there would still be a need to plug into the phone unless she goes for something like this.

When you said hands-free and connect to the phone, I assumed you meant a headset.

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