GPS phones

  SKYPE 14 Jun 09

Are there any phones that have half way decent gps systems in them? I have a Nokia n95, and a O2 orbit. They both take about 10 minute to get a signal. These phones are kind of old. I hope technology has improved since 2yrs ago. I am hoping for something that can get a signal in less than 1 minute. I use gps for walking mostly.

  SKYPE 16 Jun 09

what do you mean flashed the radio stack

  Forum Editor 16 Jun 09

in around 15 seconds, often less.

click here

  donki 19 Jun 09

I have just bought the new iphone and its gps is cool, along with the compass :). the lock is strong and the map rotates as you face in different directions. Great toy :).

  Forum Editor 21 Jun 09

and for the better.

My T-Mobile G1 has superb GPS with Google maps, an amazing compass, a bar-code reader that tells you where you can buy the same item in other shops nearby, a 'night sky' applet that shows you what the stars look like in any part of the sky where you point the phone, a spirit level (you never know), and any number of gizmos that can be downloaded and installed from the Android market site.

I have unlimited fast internet access, and all my email is pushed to the phone every ten minutes. I can make notes, run my diary, be woken up, reminded, told the time anywhere on the planet, play movies, and oh yes.....make and receive calls and text messages.

I have a superb keyboard and touch screen with fingertip rolling through my contacts, call logs and emails. The phone updates its own firmware and software automatically.

All this in a device that slips easily into a shirt pocket.

  dagnammit 08 Jul 09

FE Great advert for the G1. :D

  Quickbeam 25 Aug 09

I feel wholly inadequate with my Ericsson T 20 now:(


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