Google Play compatibility on Archos tablet

  davecooper 09:53 AM 17 Jan 13

This subject may have been covered before, apologies if it has. My Archos 9G3 Android (Ice Cream Sandwhich) tablet does not support Google Play. This is a fact stated on both the manufacturer and Google Play websites. While I don't fully understand the technicalities behind this, I do know it is down to compatibility issues. My question is basically, is there likely to be a fix for this in the future? There seems to be a number of "fudges" out there but nothing sanctioned by Google Play or the manufacturer themselves. If nothing is ever likely to be available, I will not look any further and make do with the device as it is (it is actually fine for 90% of what I want it to do).

  jemyclarke 08:37 AM 11 Feb 13

I think you have problem in your Archos 9G3 Android tablet because I have read that many device do not support applications. I have same problem in my Sony tablet and Google play does not work. I thin you should go on that store when you buy. Hope it will help you. My website -

  davecooper 23:40 PM 12 Feb 13

Yes, it seems that either Google will not grant a license for Google Play on some devices or the device manufacturer will not pay for the Google Play license. I do not understand why though. Will some devices not support Google Play for some reason? Why would one Android device be different from another?


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