Good insurance for mobile? (cheap-ish?)

  Loracthims 08 Jun 09

Hi there. After 9 years with the same old PAYG mobile, I now have a contract phone (Nokia 5800 Music Express) from Their insurance for it is extra £7.99 per month. Want to try to get it cheaper but can anyone advise on a 'decent' insurance provider? (if there is such a thing?).



  buteman 09 Jun 09

It is not that hard to work out.You have had your phone for 9 years without loosing it.
You get a 1 year warranty with all new phones.So they are going to charge you £96 for the first year while it is under warranty.
Cheaper putting it to a new phone.Ignore the Insurance. But I suppose thats when sods law kicks in and you loose it or drop it after the first week.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15 Jun 09

Your contents insurance should cover mobile phones.


  Strawballs 29 Jul 09

My son dropped his IPhone at the gym his phone insurance did not want to know but our contents insurance paid out on it.

  dagnammit 29 Jul 09

Nokia have a 2 year warranty on their phones.

You also have to factor that a 5800 is currently only worth £199 to buy outright.

  dagnammit 29 Jul 09

Iphone is around £450 to £550, as is most N range phones for example... these I would ensure I had protection on but not for a 5800, especially at £7.99 per month.

  mehim 09 Aug 09

With Lloyds TSB if you pay their monthly fee for an upgraded account you get 2 phones insured free, as well as Sentinel card cover, travel insurance, AA and more. This is not an advert for Lloyds but perhaps you bank does similar. Think I pay £17 a month, which more or less covers your payments for 2 phones. Also includes misusage. Hope this helps.


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