Getting files from a HDD Recorder

  RikerDonegal 00:34 14 Feb 06

I'm researching before buying.

In my ideal world I would turn on Sky One, record Twenty Four, edit out the commercials, and save the complete file in Xvid format (taking up about 350mb of space on the hard disc). Once I have twelve episodes recorded I could burn them to a DVD+R Data Disc, and delete them from my hard disc.

How close can I get to this scenario? And what should I buy?

Thanks, in advance, to anyone who responds.

  Rigga 12:42 14 Feb 06

Most of the newer HDD recorders, will allow you to do the first three actions. "turn on Sky One, record Twenty Four, edit out the commercials"

However, none that I know of can encode the recordings into the DivX format. (I may be wrong on this, try posting a message here > click here < in the DVD Recording forum) If I am correct, you will need to record the episodes onto DVD, using a DVD recorder. (Either built into you HDD recorder, or standalone).

Transfer the DVD video to your computer, where you should be able to find programs to convert DVD files in DivX files. Then once in DivX, write them back to a DVD.


  RikerDonegal 14:00 14 Feb 06


Thanks for getting back to me so fast with such a clear answer.

Helps me out a lot,

  tasslehoff burrfoot 21:39 14 Feb 06

it's age.

And I'm very surprised to have mentioned it twice in as many days, but:

A networked tivo will do exactly what you want.

Tell it you like 24 and it will record every episode. ever. (no shabby series links). Install Etivo on your PC, this will then pull all episodes of 24 (or whatever you want) from TiVo to your PC and automatically reencode them (by default to wmv but, with a simple addon, to Divx). From there you can edit the file and burn to disc.

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