Getting 3G video onto computer

  Trackrat 19:08 16 Aug 06

A colleague at work has asked me how his son who has a Sony Ericcson 3g mobile phone, can get the video from his phone onto his computer to edit it.
What software does he need, as I have not got a clue about mobile phone video tranfers.

  cycoze 21:17 16 Aug 06

can you not email it if it`s a one off?

You cna buy data transfer cables and software from mobile phone stores (phone specific), if this phone has Bluetooth you could look into that if you have a dongle for your computer.

  De Marcus™ 23:01 16 Aug 06

If the video is stored on a memory card of some kind within the phone, a simple memory card reader would do the trick, however cycoze's suggestion of emailing it sounds the simplest.

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