A further query - thanks for allthe previous info.

  gola1 11:33 07 Sep 07

Re my analogue combi vcr/dvd recorder connected to a digital tv, when the analogue signal is switched off in my area, will the recorder still be able to record programmes, including all the freeview channels?

  holme 12:44 07 Sep 07

Yes. All that will happen is that the current analogue channels in your TV will go AWOL, but you will still be able to record from the digital Freeview channels.

Doing a re-tune /might/ tidy things up but I don't expect this will be necessary for most TVs.

Everything else will be as in the previous thread, click here

But don't forget to leave A1 selected on the combi box channel selector! :-?

  gola1 13:11 07 Sep 07

Many thanks once again for the helpful info. I'm pleased that no changes will be necessary.

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