Freeview TV signal jumps

  brindly 15 Jan 12

Perhaps someone can help. I run my freeview tv through a humax pvr and I notice sometimes the picture jumps or stops for a second and then stutters to the next scene. It doesn't happen all the time but it is getting annoying because you miss some of the dialog. Could it be the arial? I just have the standard one.

  TonyV 15 Jan 12


The chances are its signal strength that is causing the problem. It seems that the change over in total will take months to complete and is still going on!!

I have problems even receiving Freeview channels see Freeview


  brindly 15 Jan 12

Thanks but I don't have a problem receiving freeview, its almost like a bad quality DVD. I think I will wait for the changeover and then invest in a new Arial, the one I have must be 20 years old.

  onthelimit1 16 Jan 12

If you're getting freezing etc, it's signal strength. An aerial fitter will have a box which will indicate what strength you're getting, but a 20 yr old aerial will almost certainly have some corrosion in the connections, and the coax lead is unlikely to be the low-loss variety that is now recommended.

  dms_05 17 Jan 12

A new antenna is always a good investment, after all no matter how good your AV equipment is they will not perform properly if they don't have a decent input from the aerial.

I also have problems regarding that. It's such an ease reading your post and replies.

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