Freeview signal problems

  smy13 18:01 11 Mar 06

hope someone can help me out with this because I'm stuck My eldest son has lost hiss freeview reception all of a sudden (picture's gone blocky) and no matter what we try I can't improve the signal so far we've tried

A. taking the Freeview box out and trying it in another room, it worked fine.
B. replacing the scart lead.
C. trying the TV in another room with the freeview box it worked fine
Boosting the signal by means of a booster box and a Ariel booster no improvement
E. after much swearing and cursing and eating glass fibre insulation in the Attic !! changing all the coaxial cables, no improvement.
F. trying an Internal aerial, no improvement

I've come to the conclusion it's got to be something in his room causing the problem. the only things he has operating in the room are his: laptop
Surround sound system

any suggestions would be most welcome

  BRYNIT 18:40 11 Mar 06

By what you have done it still seams a signal proble via aerial/coaxal cable or connections.

Is the cable in the other room from the same aerial if not it could be the aerial.

If it is the same aerial try an extention cable into the room that does not work. If this work you still have a problem coaxal cable.

Did you replace the coaxal cable from the arial if not this could be the problem, also check the ends of the cable.

  smy13 18:44 11 Mar 06

cheers i'll give it a go

  rmcqua 09:30 12 Mar 06

Any idea which TV transmitter you are getting your service fron, and how far away from it you are?

  smy13 20:29 12 Mar 06


not a clue on both counts, however the signal is very strong and freeview works great in every other room in the house even with internal aerials. The problems combined to this one room

  VideoSentry 14:44 13 Mar 06

Are you in a terraced house? It may be next door have installed some equipment that is interfering.
Silver foil along the wall and earthed may help. 'Cos you have done everything else I an think of.

  rmcqua 15:21 13 Mar 06

About the only thing I can come up with, "blocky" reception in an area of high signal strength, is electrical interference of some kind. However, you seem to have rules this out. How about CH thermostat?
Or (a less serious suggestion) are you being "bugged" by some foreign intelligence agency?

  smy13 00:59 15 Mar 06

Thanks all
sorry for the late reply but just got back from 2 days walking in the lakes, so I'm whacked. I think it's got to be electrical interference as well, so I'm going to try eliminating all his gear a piece at a time I'll let you know how i get on

  smy13 19:51 16 Mar 06

Just run a coaxal cable from our bedroom (which has good reception) into my sons room and the signal's still poor so i guess it's got to be some sort of interfreance problem in his room. does anyonw know anything about interfrence and how to combat it.

  oresome 20:47 16 Mar 06

Before you go down that route, try the device in the bedroom with good reception, but using the extension cable.

That way you know if the extension cable is ok or not.

  smy13 21:59 16 Mar 06

ok i'll give it a go

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