Freeview scart receivers

  Yimbo 15 Jun 11

We're about to get the digital change-over (next week) and the only TV affected will be the 17inch wall-mounted one in the kitchen. I don't want (correction, my wife doesn't want) a digibox cluttering things up on the work surface, and I'm quite interested in the small Freeview receivers that just plug into the scart plug, and would therefore be hidden behind the TV.

There appears to be quite a selection available. I've read lots of reviews - and, as always, some folk love them and some think they're useless - leaving me a bit confused!

Do any of you good folks have experience of using one or other of them?

  ams4127 15 Jun 11

I had a cheap one from Tesco in my last house and it worked perfectly. Mind you, it was before the complete digital changeover had taken place and I was using it with three boosters in the circuit.

When I moved into my present house I changed to Freesat and gave the Freeview box away.

Certainly, for a small TV in the kitchen, I would go with the cheapest box you can find. After all I suspect your good lady would not be interested in HD, Surround sound or even 3D whilst frying the odd breakfast egg or two!!

  Yimbo 16 Jun 11

Thanks ams4127 - you've summed it up very well! I'll have a look at what's available, with your advice in mind!

Appreciate your help!


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