Freeview retune

  Graham. 15:39 26 Mar 09

Changes to channel numbers click here

Only just spotted this, my TV hadn't retuned, so still getting the old channel numbers. I had to retune TV and recorder.

  BT 17:09 26 Mar 09

Just checked mine and had to retune. Its a pity they don't let you know these things.

  Stuartli 18:33 26 Mar 09

If you leave your Freeview TV or set top box on standby overnight, channel and/or software updates, EPG updating etc are normally done automatically.

Those channel number changes are at least a month old now..:-)

  Graham. 19:12 26 Mar 09

Iknow, that's why I said I'd only just spotted it.

My Sony HD TV has been on standby at night, but it didn't retune.

  Stuartli 19:35 26 Mar 09

My main LCD TV brings up a message about software updates when they become available, giving the choice of undertaking the update immediately or doing so later and carrying on watching TV.

  john bunyan 08:50 27 Mar 09

In my region, ie Hants, IOW, they have advertised for weeks of a digital channel change on 25th - constant ads and a mail shot. On the day had to re tune my Lounge TV and DVD recorder,same in bedroom, and a tv in spare bedroom and my Nedia Centre PC !!

  Stuartli 00:35 31 Mar 09

We officially switchover to full digital on November 4th this year in my area and a retune will be necessary.

However, I'm told that the actual retune is only for BBC2 and that a further full retune will be required the following month.

This is very likely to cause consternation amongst a number of people, particularly senior citizens, who may not be aware of what to do after being led to believe that the switchover retuning only has to be done once.

Note that asking your local TV shop to undertake such a retune is likely to set you back at least £25.

Money for old rope...:-(

  BT 08:13 31 Mar 09

Perhaps those of us that are savvy with it all could offer to help out our friends and neighbours who may need a little help.

  Graham. 09:34 31 Mar 09

Excllent idea. Perhaps the local press will pick up on it and give volunteers the opportunity to register for their neighbourhood.

  Graham. 09:36 31 Mar 09


  AlouetteIII 11:09 31 Mar 09

It is an excellent idea, and I shall be the first to volunteer - BUT, no doubt some lowlife will see the opportunity to gain access to the older members of society's homes for their nefarious activities!

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