Freeview, Poor sound

  birdface 10:07 09 Oct 06

Hi ,Have a loft aerial,Get good pictures,But only about 25% signal,The problem is the sound is very poor quality.Have to have the TV sound up full,And digital box remote on 50%, anymore and the sound is distorted,Even so, still on the quiet side,Anyone have the same problem,or any Idea's,It's just a cheap Digital box £29.99, and just a normal aerial, If I put a digital aerial in loft, Would that make a big differance, Don't know if it's worth all the bother, At the moment very seldom switch it on,because of reception,

  Stuartli 16:46 09 Oct 06

A "digital" aerial is, in fact, a wideband aerial and is needed to pick all the Freeview TV and radio channels.

  birdface 18:32 09 Oct 06

Hi StuartIi,I understand what you are saying, I am just wondering how I get a good piture , and the sound is rubbish,I presume it is all down to the aerial,

  amonra 19:44 09 Oct 06

Highly unlikely to be the aerial's fault, more than likely it's a faulty digibox. Have you tried another scart lead ? They can give misleading faults. Try the digibox on someone else's aet to prove a point.

  birdface 21:38 09 Oct 06

Hi Amonra, Never thought about that, Will give it a try when i get another scart lead,Can't really try it on someone else's in case I mix up there programs,Most of them are on sky or Ntl.Thank's for the info.

  birdface 16:49 18 Oct 06

Hi Amonra.Tried a new scart lead. Sound is a lot Better,Thank's for your help.

  Stuartli 21:28 18 Oct 06

Some Scart leads are only one way or might have a switch to alter input/output direction, although they are not as common as standard leads.

Another problem is that more and more TV channels are being introduced and this all adds to more work for the equipment - in the ONDigital days pixels used to be "pinched" from a little used channel for a more popular one at the transmitters..:-)

  oresome 23:03 18 Oct 06

I've sprayed the scart pins with WD40 or similar to cure intermittent low sound in the past.

Even if you buy a good quality scart lead, the mating socket on the appliance is likely to be the cheapest the manufacturer could source.

  Stuartli 00:07 19 Oct 06

Didn't know washing machines and similar household products had Scart sockets - although some washing machines have diagnostic sockets to attach a laptop to update washing programmes...:-)

  oresome 19:14 20 Oct 06


Our digital broadband washing machine has in excess of 30 programmes with a 15" circular viewing screen.

Depending on the input, programmes can be viewed in all white, or colours.

  Stuartli 21:45 24 Oct 06

Nice one...:-)

Well I bet it's a Miele then...:-)

The best washing machine you can buy.

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