freeview picture jamming problem

  shwinglow 19 Jul 10

i have recently bought a freeview box, but when i have other appliences running ie: kettle/juicer even this computer the tv picture keeps sticking, it doesn't happen if i am just watching tv or watching tv through my video recorder, only when i switch over to my freeview box, anybody got any idea's of what might be causing it and more importantly how can i get it sorted - thanks in advance to any solutions you can send me - trev

  jack 20 Jul 10

From what you report it seems the 'box' is sensitive to voltage spikes- more so than TV and computer.
Invest and an anti surge connector strip available in all electrical outlets.
connect all the 'viewing' devices to it, Free View Box,Recorder, TV

  Arnie 21 Jul 10

If after trying jack’s suggestion with no improvement, please check the following.

Try another SCART lead.

Check the routing of the mains lead to the Freeview box. Is it close to the SCART lead?

If the box uses a plug-in power supply unit, it could also be faulty because of poor filtering.

If you are still having problems, I would try another box. You may be able to borrow one from a friend.
Make sure your friend’s box is tuned to the same transmitter as your box; otherwise a box rescan will be necessary!

Finally: Remember a surge filter strip will rely on having a good quality earth on the wall socket into which it is plugged.

  Arnie 21 Jul 10

Have you checked your signal strength?
Normally the box should have a built-in signal strength monitor bar.

Some boxes are more sensitive than others.

  onthelimit 22 Jul 10

I'm with Arnie - had problems with chaep boxes freezing/pixillating (even though from a quality aerial).


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