Freeview - no BBC 3 or BBC4

  Yimbo 17:45 25 Jul 11

I bought a small scart receiver for freeview on my kitchen TV following the change-over. I get lots of programs with excellent results - but no BBC3 or BBC4. Just wondered why this might be - as I get both on my other TV (with built-in Freeview).

Any ideas?

  bremner 18:45 25 Jul 11

If it is one of these click here, a friend bought one and had very poor performance at home even though another more traditional freeview box worked perfectly. I tried it at my home with much better results. it simply came down to the fact that my freeview signal was better.

The problem with the device you have bought is that it does not have the receive capability of the more expensive boxes.

Unfortunately you get what you pay for.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:05 25 Jul 11

Try retuning after 7 pm

  morddwyd 20:18 25 Jul 11

Your aerial is now feeding an extra receiver, you may need an amplifier.

  onionskin 21:44 25 Jul 11

Try disconnecting the aerial, then retune and wait for the message 'no channels found' or similar - then reconnect the aerial and retune again.

  Yimbo 00:03 26 Jul 11

I suspect you're right, bremner - though I can't fault the performance with the channels I do get! My scart device is not the same - but similar to the one you've highlighted.

Thanks folks, for your other ideas/ suggestions. I'll try these out and see what happens!

I appreciate all the help!

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