Freeview - Crystal Palace and surround....

  PaulB2005 19:51 11 Dec 05

We have two Freeview boxes in our house. One is an old Nokia OnDigital box and the other a Freecom DVB-T stick on this PC.

Both have been working fine until about 2 weeks ago.

The Nokia box seems to loose channels all the time showing a black screen with a red square in it. Moving the aerial sometimes fixes it. Sometimes you just have to switch off.

At the same time the DVB-T stick has started showing a LOW SIGNAL message when i first start it. Both RF power and RF Quality are at maximum levels. Several changes of channels usually gets it going.

I would blame the box or the stick but they both developed problems overnight. Re-scans do no good.

Any ones else got problems?

  anchor 10:04 12 Dec 05

I get my signal from the Crystal Palace transmitter and signal strength is normal here in Harrow.

Suggest you check your aerial, which is likely to be the problem.

  PaulB2005 10:49 12 Dec 05

We've checked the aerials (both indoor ones) but they've been fine for a while - the OnDigital box for over a year! Suddenly overnight both have a problem. Also, as i said, both RF power and RF Quality are at maximum levels.

Obviously not a problem from the transmitter then.


  jack 17:44 13 Dec 05

TV signals like all UHF transmission are strictly line of sight.
So check if any major construction work is going up in the line of vision, or a new cell phone mast gone up nearby.

  jack 20:48 14 Dec 05


How and Why would good to know- may have a similar problem some time.

  PaulB2005 07:51 15 Dec 05

Well not resolved, but it's obviously not a transmitter problem. I'll have to fiddle with the aerials and see what i can do to get a better / stable signal. It's funny how things work fine for 2 years (in the case of the TV) without being touched and then overnight go wrong like this.

  Stuartli 18:23 15 Dec 05

Try removing and reinserting all connections to the set top boxes, especially the aerial leads - if they are left in the same position for a long period they can build up a resistance.

Same for hi-fi equipment and television sets, especially with volume, tone controls etc which most people don't alter once the required settings have been established.

However, unless it is directly connected to the aerial input, it's not the most likely cause.

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