Freeview box not receiving all channels! Help please!

  gazmix 24 Sep 11


My dad lives on outskirts of city & the old freeview box he has works ok, but doesn't show sky news, which is ok.

I have just moved to a city center flat & borrowed the freeview box, did a fresh installation & it found all channels except the BBC channels 1-4, c-beebies & BBC News.

There is a big satellite dish on the side of the flats, but assume this isn't the signal receiver for the freeview box, so there must be a communal aerial. I hear u can do manual setup & add 22 to the setup, i shall try this, but what else can i do. Should a newer freeview box work?


  OLDJACK 24 Sep 11

Check with your neighbours to see if they have the same problem...make sure they are on Freeview not Freesat!! If they don't then beg or borrow a freeview box and give that a whirl.

  gazmix 24 Sep 11

I will check with neighbours!

I have a newer freeview box from the free digital switchover scheme, i will try that too.

What do you think about factory reset or adding the manual setup number?


  Kevscar1 25 Sep 11

Periodicly you have to rescan as channels change, new ones come in old ones are lost.

  dms_05 25 Sep 11

It may depend upon your local transmitter. If your signal comes from the main regional transmitter you should receive all the Freeview channels, however if you are receiving from a local relay the channels will be much reduced. In any case you should always receive BBC1 and ITV1.

If you have recently been through DSO (Digital Switch Over) then you may still be in an interim stage where some of your Freeview channels are on reduced power because they could interfere with analogue channels in adjacent areas that haven't yet gone through DSO. But you should still receive BBC1 and ITV1.

DSO has been a long drawn out mess. We are years into the switchover but still have another year to go before it's finalised. Some countries did it for everyone on the same day (even big countries like Spain with all it's mountains!) so quite why the Government of the day decided on our 5 year switch over is anyones guess but it has provided a lot of people with well paid public sector jobs over a very long period.

  Colonel Graham 27 Sep 11

Do a factory reset.


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