Freeview 2nd installation

  Cesar 09:07 14 Oct 06

I shall shortly be purchasing a TV with built in Freeview, Later on I shall be purchasing a DVD recorder with freeview, does this mean I shall have two copies of Freeview?

  hastelloy 12:55 14 Oct 06

As both the TV and the DVD recorder have digital tuners, it means you will be able to watch 1 digital channel whilst recording another. Have you had freeview before? If not you may need to upgrade your aerial.

  DieSse 20:04 14 Oct 06

*does this mean I shall have two copies of Freeview9

Copy is a wrong word here - you will have two Freeview tuners (just like with a TV and VCR you get two analogue tuners.

As marvin42 says - the advantage you will have is the ability to get two different Freeview channels at the same time :-

One to watch - a different one to record

One to watch - a different one to watch in another room.

  Cesar 09:45 16 Oct 06

Thank you Marvin42 and DieSse for your helpful replies.

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