'Free' smart TV-recycle

  mehim 08:25 12 Aug 12

For a while now I have been using my old laptop to record tv Programmes (via a Dongle) to take away with me.

I was browsing around John Lewis admiring and wishing for a smart TV. Then I realised I have not been all that smart myself.

Got home, plugged old laptop into pc monitor socket of my Sony unSmart TV and Hey Presto! My TV has become a fully functioning internet computer

The only draw back is the sound has to go to external speakers when watching catchup (my case they go to the auxillary input on hi fi), otherwise I now have all I need via my PC. A wireless keyboard and mouse (reccommend Microsoft Arc Touch, good range and it works on nearly any surface, including my jeans) compliment the set up.

I do not have a spare HDMI socket but suspect this would even do away with the external speakers. Perhaps others know beter?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:17 12 Aug 12

Yes used to hook my laptop to the TV til I ended up with a spare P4 PC with a digital TV card.

That was then turned into a smart TV and freeview recorder / media player.

However since the advent of freeview HD its been replaced with a HD Humax box and the P4 is now attached to the "office TV".

  mehim 21:14 16 Aug 12

Having just seen the Sony/Google TV may start saving my pennies!

  ton 21:21 23 Aug 12

I use a Raspberry Pi (size of a credit card) loaded with Xbmc media player.

Sound is to TV through HD video cable

Control is by my TV's own remote. (This also works from TV to Pi through HD)

Perfect results with BBC iplayer, ITV, Channel 4&5 catchup services.

I am amazed how well this works.


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