Free HDTV via free view

  jakimo 00:27 19 Dec 07

Ofcom are proposing that we will be able to watch the 2012 Olympics in HDTV free of charge via 5 channels using the freeview box system and existing digital aerial,although a new type of box will have to be bought.

http:/click here

  oldbeefer2 09:32 19 Dec 07

I understood that terrestrial digital channels don't have the bandwidth for HD - a satellite connection being required. Believe that the BBC 'Freesat' should be available in the spring?

  Stuartli 14:57 19 Dec 07

>>I understood that terrestrial digital channels don't have the bandwidth for HD >>

Well not at present, the Freeview digital signals are at very low levels due to the fact that analogue takes priority until the changeover in each region.

However, once the full digital transmissions commence, the available bandwidth will be vastly greater than at present.

To give you an idea of the current difference the Winter Hill transmitter, which serves my area, has a digital terrestial transmission strength at present of just 1.83 per cent of the analogue transmitter strength.

  anchor 15:13 19 Dec 07

2012 to "possibly" get free coverage of the Olympics in HD; I can`t wait, but won`t hold my breath.

  anskyber 17:39 19 Dec 07

Yes, this click here summarises it very well. there are costs, even with the extra bandwidth available after the digital switchover there could still need to be other channels making room for the HD service and you will need a box.

In the next few years Freeview HD is more of a wish than a reality.

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