file conversion to AVI

  jimity 18:53 PM 29 Jan 12

Hello, I want to convert from MP4/MKV to AVI. I have used, Movavi (owned copy) and both AVC and ACS (trial and freeware respectively) My problem is, that all three convert successfully but when I try to play on a Samsung DVD-H1080 player it fails to play, showing this file is not supported. I play AVI format on this player all the time and wonder what I can do to convert successfully to a viewable AVI version.

  wolfie3000 07:41 AM 14 Feb 12

MKV to AVI can be a bit of a bugger to convert, but mp4 to AVI is alot easier,

This program should do all the files you require to convert for free, If the MKV has additional subtitles in it or multiple audio channels (dual audio) then it might not handle it, but worth a try.

  wolfie3000 07:42 AM 14 Feb 12

I guess it helps if i post the link lol.

  wolfie3000 07:43 AM 14 Feb 12

Its going to be one of those days, :P

  jimity 18:18 PM 14 Feb 12

Many thanks Wolfie, think I just had one of those days today too :)


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