External GPS Galaxy S

  morddwyd 09 Jul 11

My Galaxy S will sees my Holox BT 321 Bluetooth GPS receiver, and pairs with it, but it will not connect.

The 321 shows up in the list of devices as "Paired but not connected".

Any suggestions?

  Woolwell 09 Jul 11

The Galaxy S has quite reasonable GPS built in. My understanding is that to use an external GPS you have to install an app eg Bluetooth GPS. See these threads http://www.unix.com/android/144683-mini-review-samsung-galaxy-s-android-2-1-v-nokia-e63.html and http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=9057. You'll have to scroll down through them.

  morddwyd 09 Jul 11

Thanks Woolwell, I'll look into that.

The Galaxy S does have a reasonable built in GPS as you say, but not only is it a real battery drain, but recharging while using it causes serious overheating, leading to shutdown

  Woolwell 09 Jul 11

Agree entirely about the battery drain. Incidentally I think that battery life is slightly better with Gingerbread.

  morddwyd 09 Jul 11

Update - now got them talking to each other. Remains to be seen if the battery problem is solved.

In the end it will be down to which drains the most, built in GPS or Bluetooth!

I'll post again when I've made an all day trip.

Haven't noticed any difference with Gingerbread.

  Woolwell 09 Jul 11

How did you get them to talk to each other?

  morddwyd 10 Jul 11


That's down to you.

Found the programme you mentioned, and installed it.

Worked like a dream.


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