DVR to DVR transfer

  davecooper 11:17 AM 27 Dec 11

Some months ago, the power supply on my Sharp DVR died leaving me with about 50 hours of material which I couldn't watch. Cut to a used one from ebay, a disk swap and all's good again. However, in ther meantime, I had bought myself a new Sagem 320Gb machine which I have been using since.

Ideally, I would like to transfer the recordings from the old machine to the new one. However, after a trawl through the net, it seems this is not possible. However, it seems that all the negative answers are based around some form of digital transfer. My question is, is there a way to transfer in analogue, in real time, i.e. play back the recordings on the old machine and record them on the new one? Any small loss in quality is not an issue.

  wiz-king 15:32 PM 27 Dec 11

I would have thought you should be able to do this via the SCART sockets, but without the handbooks I cant be sure.

  davecooper 17:17 PM 27 Dec 11

I have them hooked up with a SCART now. Obviously the old DVR will output via the SCART but I am not sure whether the new DVR will record via a SCART input. I am hunting for the handbook for the new machine at the moment and this may tell me. If someone came back and said it was impossible, I probably wouldn't bother trying.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:10 PM 27 Dec 11

However, after a trawl through the net, it seems this is not possible

what model sharp?

unlikely to can set the pvr to record from scart

most pvrs use a linux base system and the fies are saved as .ts files

with, the drive coupled to your pc

boot from a live linux cd lets the pc read the disk you can then copy the files to somewhere on your machine.

dothe same with the sagum drive coupled and copy the files to the sagum(opening the sagum may invalidate the guarentee)

the problem may be that the sagum may not recognise the sharp files.

  davecooper 21:20 PM 27 Dec 11

I think I knew the answer to this question before I asked it. I will just have to keep the old machine connected up for a while. After all, if I loop the aerial through this box as well, I can record two programmes at the same time. Just concerned that the power supply on this one might go the same way as the first one.


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