DVD wont playback

  mollie38 12 Aug 11

I had sky installed a few months ago and everything was working fine with my dvd recorder. But today I went to record a film from the planner so after waiting for it to finish I put it on for my granddaughter and there was no sound or picture. I can play dvd's fine they are no problem I have checked the back of the dvd but there is only 1 scart lead connected not sure if thats right or not as the other old box had 2 scarts can anyone help as to why it wont playback. I have a sony tv a sky+ box and a panasonic dmr-es 10eb dvd recorder.

Many thanks


  onthelimit1 15 Aug 11

Don't think it's playback that's the problem, more the record. Is this similar to yours link text? If so, check the connections are set up correctly.

  natdoor 15 Aug 11

A Sky+ box will record by means of the EPG (electronic programming guide), which I take you to mean as the planner. If you did this, replay would be from the Hard Drive in the Sky+ box. Did you additionally attempt to make a DVD recording of the same programme on your Panasonic DVD recorder? If so, one of the video inputs to the DVD recorder would need to be connected to the SKY+ box, unless the TV has direct TV record and that was used. Only one Scart would be needed if component or composite video inputs/outputs are connected.

Perhaps you can specify all connections between the Sky+ box, the DVD recorder and the TV with signal flow direction. I believe that Scart 1 is an input and Scart 2 is an output.


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