DVD-RW recording and playback

  julie050702 20:08 12 May 08

Hi, I wonder if you can help a newbie to dvd recording. I own a Sony DVD recorder and record my camcorder mini-dv tapes on to blank Sony DVD-RW dvd's for storage and easy playback. Playback is fine on our Sony DVD recorder but when I make a copy for the grandparents to play on their Samsung (i think) DVD player it does not play back. Is it the type of blank disk I am using?
Thanks for your help

  ravingdave 21:24 12 May 08

I think you probably need to 'finalise' the disk on your Sony when you record it to make it compatible with most other machines, otherwise it will only play on the machine it was recorded on. Should be an explanation of how to 'finalise' in the manual?

  julie050702 21:36 12 May 08

thankyou ravingdave, it all seems so simple! I have found the relevent section in the manual. Thankyou for your help, much appreciated.

  Stuartli 20:44 13 May 08

To be honest, I would avoid RW disks if at all possible, especially for copies; -R disks are more reflective and much more easily read by other DVD drives or players.

  julie050702 14:27 16 May 08

Interesting sturatli, I have finalised the -RW disks and they still don't work. Thankyou for your suggestion, I don't understand the difference between all these +R -R etc but will get some -R's to try instead.
Thanks for your help

  Stuartli 15:24 16 May 08
  julie050702 17:05 16 May 08

Thankyou for the information Stuartli, I have purchased a +RW and a -R to see which one works! How to make it confusing for beginners eh! Thanks again.

  Stuartli 19:29 16 May 08

The best guide is your manual as to which media will work best.

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