D.V.D. Player from Tesco...

  Chrisann 15:50 15 Dec 07

I purchased a small D.V.D. Player for touring from Tesco a while ago...and never tried it. Yesterday I connected it up..put a D.V.D. in and started..and it continually making a terrible noise...too noisy to hear the film in fact. Like the disc can be heard grinding away inside.

Anyone any ideas. It was cheap..but guess I should have checked it straight away after buying. Your thoughts please?


  Pamy 16:01 15 Dec 07

Take it back

  Chrisann 16:17 15 Dec 07

I guess it is faulty..but I think I have had it too long to return it....guess it is always wise to check anything one buys and not just forget about it... it was a cheap purchase so will have to put it down to experience for next time.!!



  Stuartli 16:52 15 Dec 07

It must still be under warranty...:-)

  Pamy 17:09 15 Dec 07

Why ask for thoughts on what to do if you have already made up your mind? Again I say, Take it back.

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