Duplicate Sim Card

  Yimbo 23:53 PM 24 Feb 09

I need a copy of the sim card in my phone for using the phone in my car system, which requires a sim card to be slotted in. I'm told that you can't have a duplicate sim card - ie 2 cards for the one phone. Is this correct? Is is possible to copy the card? If so, how?

  Chris the Ancient 15:32 PM 26 Feb 09

An interesting question that got me doing a bit of research on google. But, unfortunately I couldn't see anything there that helps. It does look as though it *may* depend on your service provider - and then I wouldn't hold your breath.

In your situation, I would just get a new sim card and use it exclusively for the car. OK, it's another phone number - but you could redirect you 'normal' mobile to it on an as needed basis.

  Forum Editor 00:15 AM 27 Feb 09

will usually only provide multiple SIM cards to business users with more than a certain number of handsets.

Copying a card (on to say, a PAYG card)used to be possible, but now all cards have an updated software version that makes it virtually impossible - apart from the fact that it's a contravention of the terms of the service agreement.

  Yimbo 18:01 PM 01 Mar 09

Thanks for your observations - which are along the lines I was expecting. It does seem pretty poor design on the part of my car mamufacturer to require me to have a second phone simply to use in the car. I can't even link up my phone to the car via Bluetooth. It's either a sim card or nothing! Poor show!

  Forum Editor 23:38 PM 02 Mar 09

Are you sure?

click here

  Yimbo 16:08 PM 03 Mar 09

Yes! A bit of over-stating on my part! But I do feel miffed at not being able to use the already built-in (and expensive!!) phone system - other than by having a dedicated car phone (and another phone number!!) Presumably, I could take the sim card out of my phone and into the car, (and vice versa) each time I go for a drive! What a palaver!! It still seems to me a poor piece of planning and design by the car maker!


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