Dual Screen Solution??

  d4zza 04 Aug 10

Hi folks, first post, and would appreciate some assistance with a dual screen setup, or even if it's possible.

I'm using Photoshop on a laptop, powerful enough for what I need to do, which is touching up old photographs. I'd save a lot of time if I didn't have to zoom in, touch up, zoom out, then review. Instead, I'd prefer to zoom in on laptop screen only, stayed zoomed in, but have a second screen, just an ordinary monitor, possibly 21", always zoomed out.

Is this possible? Laptop has HDMI and s-video outputs.

  natdoor 09 Aug 10

Although from your viewpoint your query relates to photos, it actaully relates to graphic card capability. Hence, it might have attracted more attention if posted in the Helproom.

I believe that the video ouput generated by the card will have the same characterics on any output. These will be in just a differently modulated form. So, if you zoom, all outputs will show a zoomed picture.Since you have a laptop, it might be possible for you to connect to a TV via one of the outputs to confirm this. I believe you would two video cards to achieve your aim.

  David4637 09 Aug 10

Learn the PS short cut keys - to zoom in Control and plus and same again but use the minus key to zoom out. David

  amnim 22 Aug 10


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