DTV Reception

  Quickbeam 09:40 01 Aug 11

Does anyone on here use Top-up TV for Sky Sports?

The reason I ask is that I'm wary of buying a reception box only to find it transmits on a week bandwidth that badly pixelates in use, which would make it unwatchable.

I'm also considering Free sat, so any comments on either system are valid, thanks.

  ams4127 23:20 01 Aug 11

I have Freesat HD here in Anglesey and the signal strength is always 100%.

I got it because the Freeview reception I had was rubbish, and that was with three boosters fitted.

You don't get as many channels with Freesat - unless you do a manual tune which finds in the region of 400. Most of them you will not want to watch!

I know a few people who have Top-up TV and, since I've never heard them complain, I can only assume that it works well.

  Quickbeam 07:23 02 Aug 11

With free view there is always one or another set of channels, especially the band that carries ITV 4 that regularly breaks up badly. Do you get none of that with freesat?

  ams4127 20:11 02 Aug 11

No QB, I don't. All channels are 100% at all times.

  dms_05 08:50 03 Aug 11

Your problem would be Freesat doesn't have any PayTV channels. So if you want to go the satellite route then subscribe to Sky direct to receive Sky Sports. One massive advantage would be the very generous offers Sky are making for new subscribers. You should get all the equipment (including dish and HD recorder) installed for free. If you go the much more suspect Freeview route you have to consider how long Top-Up Tv is likely to be around and paying large amounts of money for equipment that may become obsolete.

It's your choice but if you want Sky Sports then go direct to Sky for the best deal.

A side effect of joining Sky is they offer their subscribers very attractive deals on Broadband. The simplest package is free and the very top of the range broadband package is £7.50/month.

  Quickbeam 12:52 03 Aug 11

I'm afraid I'm unlikely to ever subscribe to Sky (see the link below). The only thing that they offer that I would watch is the UK cricket tests, the winter away tests are on at silly O'clock sleep times and 20/20, although OK to a point, is dumbed down cricket for the short attention spans out of season footie fans in my book;)

I only want access to the tests at a reasonable and value for money cost related to the hours watched.

F1 on BBC & Sky

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