does the pcadvisor site work on your mobile?

  theDarkness 13 Apr 09

Im on a k800i, ive found it does work for the most part, except if anyone inserts a 'click here' web link, i cannot highlight the link to select it and browse to its target website. Also, when viewing a forum sometimes 10+ of the first subjects are grouped together, so i cannot read them unless i try to click on the only one viewable to reload the page and list them all as they should. The latter is no doubt just automatically done by my phone, but the latter can surely be fixed as all other sites work on my phone?

  theDarkness 13 Apr 09

I meant former in the last part! I know the problem can be fixed with links by not using the site in its mobile form, since my phone will let me click on the normal version of the site via its mouse style pointer, but not using the mobile site when browsing via my phone defeats its purpose! Lol

  brundle 13 Apr 09

Install Opera if you can click here . The `click here` thing still happens but it renders pages very successfully.

  theDarkness 14 Apr 09

Sorry, i forgot to say that i am actually having the problem using the latest opera mini for my k800i

  Managing ed 17 Apr 09

Thanks for this. I've passed it on to our development team. I'll let you know what I can find out. I know in general there is an issue with links that aren't hard coded, and I suspect this is related.

Matt Egan
Managing Editor

  Seth Haniel 21 May 09

since yesterday - working OK before that

Samsung X700

  theDarkness 25 May 09

What are you using to connect with your samsung? Is it the phones built in browser? If your phone can use java software, you should also try out opera mini for your phone.

  Forum Editor 25 May 09
  Seth Haniel 27 May 09

working again last night ;)


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