DMR-EX75EB Recording & Viewing

  Pesche 12:04 08 Apr 07


I'm thinking of getting a Panasonic DMR-EX75EB or DMR-EX77EB DVD recorder and linking it up to an LCD TV with built-in Freeview tuner.

Will this allow me to view one digital prgramme while recording a different digital one (given that two digital tuners are involved)?

How would I connect them to be able to do this?

I also have a satellite receiver (Astra & Hotbird) that I would like to link up and record from. How would that be connected?


  Whaty 13:38 08 Apr 07

I've got the DMR-EX85EB linked to a Toshiba LCD.

Yes you can watch one digital program whilst recording another.

The RF aerial goes into the DMR-EX75EB then loops through to the TV. In addition I have a HDMI cable between the DMR-EX85EB and the TV.

The DMR-EX75EB is a fantastic and very versatile piece of kit, I'm sure you will be very pleased with it.

As for the Sat receiver I'm afraid I can't comment but it is covered in the manual.. And there have been threads on this forum about it, maybe a search will come up with something?


  Pesche 14:14 08 Apr 07

Many thanks, Terry!

That's very useful and reassuring.


  anchor 14:35 08 Apr 07

The way I connect my Sky digibox to my DMR-EX75EB is simple. I don`t know if the same would apply to your sat: receiver.

I take a lead from the scart output of the digibox, and connect it to the AV2 scart input of the Panasonic.

You could also use the AV3 input on the front of the recorder; (you would need a scart to 3 phono plug cable for this).

  Pesche 18:02 08 Apr 07

Thanks, Anchor,

That's very useful, too!

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